Traveling to a New America – People Along the Way – Salinas, California

Traveling to a New America – People Along the Way
Chris.  Salinas, California.

Traveling to a New America - Salinas, CaliforniaChris, what’s your take on America at this time?

“With America being built on immigration for hundreds of years, we’re all immigrants, but we’ve let the illegal immigration go on for so long, maybe it’s been a century or longer, but there’s always been a President saying we’ve got to stop it, but it never really happens.  And I don’t think that most Americans have problems even with illegal immigration, we like the people that are here, but it also opens the doors for other people that we don’t want here, and we do need to protect what we feel is our life and our liberty, and make sure people are getting here the right way.  They do have to go through the process, just like we all did, as our ancestors did when they came here.

“A lot people want to blame the people who are anti-immigration as racists, I don’t really think that’s it at all.  I don’t feel racist at all, I love to hang out with all types of people, I love to learn, I love to ask questions, whether they be hard questions or not, I like to learn, I like to understand where other people are coming from.  But I don’t think everybody’s that way.  Some people are just raised to be with their kind, only like their kind, only associate with their kind.  Those are the real racists, people who just aren’t open to understanding other people and their ways of life, because there’s so many different ways, and so many of them are good, if not better than the way we do things.”

Traveling to a New AmericaWhat’s going to change the divisiveness we’re experiencing in our country?

“I wish I had that answer.  I don’t think there’s any rule or law that’s ever going to change that.  I think it’s humanity, I think it’s who we are, from way back forever.  People want to fight for what they believe in, and not everyone believes in the same thing, so I think that everyone has to just try to get along, tolerate other people, accept others, that’s the only thing you can do, but you can’t make a law that enforces that, you have to be taught that from a young child. I try to teach my children to be courteous to the next person.  It doesn’t matter if they’re gay, black, Hispanic, it doesn’t matter, just be respectful, and you’ll have a good life.  If you can respect people and earn other peoples’ respect, you’re going to be fine.  And turn a shoulder to people who don’t do it that way.  Be humble, be accepting, that’s the way it should be, but everyone’s not going to be that way, you’re not going to make them be that way either.”

If you had a vision of a great America, what would it look like?

“I always picture the 50’s, the white picket fence, and the kids able to walk to school without fear of being kidnapped.  Less technology.  You didn’t have to take a phone call until you got home, and maybe you listened to your answering machine or there was a note on the door.  Those things are nice.  You go outside, grandpa whistles, you heard the whistle two blocks away, you knew it was time to come home to dinner before the streetlights came on.  That was great, that really was.  Those were the good days.  But just back to something simpler, less technology, family.  Family was first.  People these days they work so hard, they forget what’s important.  Just rewind to the 50’s.”


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