The End of the Stock Market

James Hilgendorf, Author

James Hilgendorf

The stock market has been climbing ferociously, new heights, never looking back.  In many cities, real estate prices have gone insane, no inventory, multiple offers, twenty percent over the asking price.

There is a feeding frenzy on.

From first glance, it looks like the good times are coming back once again.   Lost ground has been made up, and we are heading at last into the skies.

There is this interesting thing about life.  The Greeks called it hubris.  When men became too overbearingly confident and sure of their own powers, the gods suddenly bring them low.

The current apparent return to prosperity is different from what we have experienced before.  It is more fragile.  The raging river of greed that is over reaching itself now is based on illusions and delusions that have no bearing in reality.  A strong whiff of wind could bring everything down.

The problem is, there is no connection anymore between this phantom prosperity and the welfare of the people.  As corporate profits rise, as stocks move up,  jobs disappear, wages drop, and more and more people find themselves in a precarious financial situation.

Our economy is an illusion.  It has no basis in justice or compassion, or in the goal of happiness for the people.

Who is to blame?  Corporations?  The Government?  Politicians.

At the core is a loss of hope and confidence.

Where is the vision broad enough and deep enough to bring us back into alignment with the great dream and promise of America?

It is a new philosophy, a new religion, a fresh blossoming of the spirit, that is needed.

What is needed is a vision of humanity and the universe that places the individual at the very core and center of everything.  Governments and politicians and corporations are meant to be subsidiaries of ordinary men and women and children.

This type of vision can only be opened through an inner transformation of individuals, one by one, two by two, four by four.  Religion supplies this transformative power, or it is worthless as a religion.  Nothing less than a global vision is required, and a getting back to the very roots of humanity by everyone.  We are all human beings.  The individual needs to be at the center of all our concerns, education, politics, economics.

The stock market, as is current, will inevitably crash, just as our economy as a whole and our society also, will crash, if it continues to be based upon our greed and insatiable desires, rather than upon our humanity.


James Hilgendorf is the author of six books, the latest being “Poems of Death: Time for Eternity”.  His other books include “The Buddha and the Dream of America”“The New Superpower”“Life & Death: A Buddhist Perspective”; “The Great New Emerging Civilization” , and A New Myth for America.” His books are available through bookstores, and online at

More information is on his website.

Book on America, Buddhism, a New Dream of America

Poems of Death: Time for Eternity

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