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Traveling to a New America – People Along the Way, Talking on the Street

Tweet Raymond, age 29.  Artist. ___________________ Raymond, what’s your take on America right now? “My take is that America and the world is really going through a shift – one that’s going to unify a lot of people, but also separate a large group as well, not so much in a negative way, but in [...]

Let The Dream Come Forth

Tweet Power invests in the self. As long as you navigate the circumference, who you are and who you dream to be remain unexpressed. The center of the circle is at the center. Unleashing this self requires courage and boldness.  It requires faith.  We are here to unleash the genius and power of our universe. [...]

The Smallest Step

Tweet There comes a time when you have to reveal who you are. No one will stand shoulder to shoulder, offering encouragement.  You are alone. Everything is waiting. The smallest step is where you begin.  It seems impossible, of course, that such a small beginning can grow to the limit of your dreams.  But that [...]

Problems Are Our Blessings

Tweet Problems are the heartbeat of the universe. Each battle within opens the heart.  There is no other way to uncover the treasures of the self. How can it be? Our universe is not what it seemed.  We thought we were nothing, on this burned-out star. We are the universe coming into its own, birthing [...]

Life Is An Inscrutable Master

Tweet Life is a riddle.  Nothing is as it seems. What is our great quest?  Love and sweetness and gentleness and ease and wealth, no struggle or pain. But all this leads nowhere. A hundred thousand dishes, wine and travels, endless days on the beach, over and over, and then they are gone.  What is [...]

Empowering Youth in the 21st Century/Speaker Series-James Hilgendorf

Tweet The youth of today are searching for meaning and hope in their lives. True empowerment comes from a deep, inner vision of ourselves, and of our relation to the world and universe around us. This is one of several audience-oriented talks given by author James Hilgendorf. Contact him for details. Click flyer to enlarge.

Let Wisdom Flow Out Upon This Land of America

Tweet Let wisdom flow out upon this land. Wisdom to fill the minds and hearts of the youth of America. Dream dreams that go beyond anything we have imagined up until now, dreams that rock the world, upend conventional wisdom, destroy the limits of possibility. To express things never before given expression, to create a [...]

The Gates Are Opening

Tweet The gates are opening. After so many years – after so many aeons, in fact – a crack appears in time-encrusted molds and dams. With every effort of the heart, with every generous gesture, rivulets of reward are created, and over time and broad expanses of time and space, they join together making a [...]

A Book for Youth of All Ages: Challenging Yourself & Your Dreams

Tweet “Handbook for Youth in a Muddied Age” is a new book calling upon youth to challenge themselves and thereby change the world.  But it is not written just for young people, but rather for anyone who still cherishes a youthful spirit, continuing to believe in themselves and their dreams. A compendium of short, insightful [...]

Treasure Yourself

Tweet Find a way to give of your own unique self. Treasure yourself, no matter how insignificant you may believe yourself to be.  Look in the mirror and know that you are the only one under the sun who can express your unique aspect of the universe’s heart. Love your own voice.  Give expression to [...]