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Traveling to a New America – Arts & the World of Napa

Tweet Yesterday, I spent two hours giving a talk and doing readings from one of my books, then holding an open  discussion with the wonderful members of the Arts Association of Napa Valley. Part of the conversation centered around the mood of divisiveness we are experiencing in America at this time.  These were some of [...]

America Reborn

Tweet The old dreams of America are dying. These were white-washed fences, and movies where you never saw anyone with a different looking face.  Flags waving in the wind, sweetness everywhere, good guys and bad guys, America forever, blessed by God on high, and dreams of onward and upward, forever and ever. Our dreams have [...]

Traveling to a New America – New England Roots

Tweet Traveling to a New America, a journey to towns and cities all across America, with writer and speaker James Hilgendorf, will focus next summer on the New England states, culminating July 4th in Concord, Massachusetts, home of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Margaret Fuller and other greats of the early American Renaissance. Hilgendorf [...]

Hamilton & the Revolutionary War. Now a New Revolution. A New America.

Tweet With the advent and prominence of the musical production “Hamilton”, much of our earlier American history is once again being brought to the fore. The Revolutionary War was a battle for Independence, for a liberation from old structures, old ideas, fresh air.  Though the underlying motives of the War were political or economic, still, [...]

A New Myth For America

Tweet “A New Myth for America”, one of the most insightful and compelling of author James Hilgendorf’s books, has been re-issued in a slightly revised edition. The book is a collection of 82 short pieces, capturing a vision of America that hearkens back to the dream of America that was given voice by the poets [...]

Last Gasp of a Dying White/Christian Order

Tweet So Donald Trump comes out today vowing to unleash the shackles of  political participation on behalf of religious (aka Christian, most notably Evangelical) groups. It is just the latest (and will certainly not be the last) attempt to resurrect the buried hopes and dreams of a dying, gasping segment of America that has been [...]

Foreshadowings of Doomsday

Tweet An article appeared in the New Yorker magazine this week, focusing on the number of super-rich who are preparing themselves for a coming Armageddon or Doomsday, or simply a total meltdown in the social and political fabric of America. Some of the wealthiest people in America, it writes – in Silicon Valley, New York, [...]

The Roots of America. Thoreau

Tweet Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman – these, and others, were the founders of the early American Renaissance in the first part of the nineteenth century. Thoreau, of course, is famous for “Walden”, the book he wrote of his two-year experience of living at Walden Pond. He wrote: “I went to the [...]

Trump – Embodiment of the False American Dream

Tweet Donald Trump has emerged as aspirant for the pinnacle of political office in this land of America. Billionaire and television star, he represents the culmination of a long development in the history of the American dream – not the true dream of America, but a false American dream, corrupt and immoral to the core. [...]

Dallas, Trump, and The Great Gatsby

Tweet Naked violence in Dallas. The crescendo of killing is almost too much to bear.  The psyche of the nation stands violated. Who are we as a people?  Who are we as a nation? Our politics, too, bears witness to the emergence of violence and divisions – most notably in the person of Donald Trump, [...]