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Hubert Harrison

Tweet Chances are you have never heard of someone named Hubert Harrison.  Until this past few months, I know I never had. I’d like to introduce you to a truly remarkable person in our own American history. I came across him in a strange way.  Somehow I clicked onto a page on Google that was [...]

Traveling to a New America – Sebastopol, CA

Tweet Last night, I presented a reading from one of my books, “A New Myth for America”, at Coffee Catz in Sebastopol, California, as part of “Traveling to a New America“. This year and next, I’m traveling to towns and cities all across America, meeting people, giving talks and readings, and holding discussions about the [...]

A New Myth for America – Centerpiece of Traveling to a New America

Tweet “A New Myth for America”, a book of renewal and hope amid the chaos, divisiveness, and loss of hope invading America, has become the centerpiece of a national journey by author James Hilgendorf, called “Traveling to a New America“. Hilgendorf has been traveling up and down the West Coast of the United States, from [...]

Traveling to a New America – Taos, New Mexico

Tweet Taos, New Mexico. This week, “Traveling to a New America” stopped in Taos, New Mexico, at SOMOS – the Society of the Muse of the Southwest – where I gave a reading from one of my books, “A New Myth for America“, and held a discussion afterwards with a small group from the audience [...]

Traveling to a New America/ New YouTube Series on Facebook

Tweet “Traveling to a New America“, a nation-wide journey undertaken by author and filmmaker James Hilgendorf , aimed at spreading a new vision and Renaissance of the American spirit, is continuing with talks, readings, interviews with people of all ages on the streets, Facebook sharing, and, now, a new YouTube series of short video pieces, [...]

The Buddha Is Coming To America

Tweet Who are we? We have come to a great juncture in human history. We are becoming who we were meant to be all along. The Buddha, the Awakened One. In the past several thousand of years, there were a few who awoke completely to their identity – signposts along the way of what was [...]

Modesto, California, American Graffiti, and the Republican Dream

Tweet Modesto, California – hometown of George Lucas, of Star Wars fame, and of another bygone era in America life represented in Lucas’ film “American Graffiti”. It was an era of youthful innocence, prom dances, cruising, drag racing, drive-in diners, rock-and-roll music and radio of the early 1960′s.  It was an era that was about [...]

Traveling to a New America – People Along the Way – Alamo Square

Tweet Traveling to a New America – People Along the Way Summer.  Alamo Square, San Francisco ____________________ Summer, what’s your take on America at this time? “I think it’s a really divided country. I feel like everything is at extremes right now.  You have this hurt and anxiety and fear coming out of what recently [...]

Waking Up To Who You Really Are – Talk by James Hilgendorf, Santa Barbara, Ca. Wednesday, 1-11-2017

Tweet James Hilgendorf, author of “Life & Death: A Buddhist Perspective”, will be speaking on Wednesday, January 11th, at Unity of Santa Barbara, sponsored by the Santa Barbara, California chapter of the International Association for Near Death Experiences. Many people who have gone through near-death experiences, talk of crossing a bridge or river, or going [...]

Traveling to a New America/Crockett, California

Tweet Today I stopped by Crockett, California, a small town of about 3000, situated near the Carquinez Bridge which leads over the Carquinez Straits towards Napa wine country. Crockett is like a small town from out of the past, but a very homey, friendly place, with lots of artists of one kind or another living [...]