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“Maybe We Need A New Religion” Revised Edition Published.

Tweet “Maybe We Need A New Religion”, by author James Hilgendorf, has been released in a new, updated, and revised edition. The book was originally conceived when the author read a report of a young ten-year-old boy, who, after being exposed to continuing newspaper and television reports about the fighting going on all over the [...]

Youth – This Is Your Task

Tweet Ours is a time of immense disruptions: The world fracturing along cultural, ethnic, racial, and national lines wars seemingly endemic to our species droughts and winds, polar caps melting rising waters, hurricanes, angry heavens another deadly incurable epidemic threatening around the corner falling incomes loss of faith in governments unbelievable poverty the center of [...]

Ah, fear is gripping our world.

Tweet Ah, fear is gripping our world. Identities retreating into old molds.  Everyone wanting to be themselves, pure, unsullied, safe. Brexit, immigration, walls, cold wars. We do not want the other.  We want to be ourselves. We thought we were headed towards a one-world world.  But now our globe is fracturing into smaller pieces.  Fissures [...]

Feel the Building Shaking: A New World Coming

Tweet Feel the building shaking.  A deep shifting of tectonic plates. We reach out, grasping for something solid; but the rolling wave of buried motion slides through the room and the streets and the rivers and regurgitates huge swells upon the ocean. It is to realize, suddenly, that nothing is safe.  Our moorings are not [...]

Traveling to a New America – People Along the Way – Vallejo, CA.

Tweet Traveling to a New America – People Along the Way Keisha.  Vallejo, California. __________________________ Keisha, are you from this area originally? “I grew up in East Oakland, one of the roughest neighborhoods.  I moved my children here 16 years ago.  I raised all five of my children here.  My son just passed away from [...]

Traveling to a New America/The Greater Self

Tweet Donald Trump is trying to steer America into a small, walled-off world.  He is rapidly shutting off all doors to the future, to connections to a greater world and its people, and retreating into a fearful shell of protectionism that can only end in disaster. There are eternal principles at work here.  No one [...]

Foreshadowings of Doomsday

Tweet An article appeared in the New Yorker magazine this week, focusing on the number of super-rich who are preparing themselves for a coming Armageddon or Doomsday, or simply a total meltdown in the social and political fabric of America. Some of the wealthiest people in America, it writes – in Silicon Valley, New York, [...]

America’s Dream & The Lotus Sutra

Tweet In the January, 1844, issue of the Dial magazine, the publication of the New England Transcendentalist Club, there appeared a translation of the “Parable of the Medicinal Herbs” chapter of the Lotus Sutra, the core and heart of all the Buddhist teachings.  The parable stressed the Buddha’s infinite compassion towards all living beings. The [...]

Traveling to a New America – People Along the Way – Hanford, California

Tweet Traveling to a New America – People Along the Way Jennifer.  Hanford, California, a town of about 55,000, 35 miles south of Fresno. ___________________ Jennifer, what’s your take on America at this time? “I just think that society seems to be going in the wrong direction.  I think a lot of it has to [...]

Traveling to a New America -Vancouver, Washington

Tweet Here at the Compass Coffee Shop in downtown Vancouver, Washington. What are people looking for, searching for, in our towns and cities across America? A dream resonant with the latent dreams and possibilities of their own daily lives.  A dream that transcends their ordinary day-to-day struggles to survive, to make money, to pay the [...]