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An Unconquerable Spirit

Tweet Life is not what you were brought up to imagine. Life is an incredible journey, meant, at each turn of the road, to encourage in you the makings of a star. Each one of us has this potential.  Life has no favorites, though it seems to our blind eyes that fortune favors only a [...]

The Celestial Battle

Tweet The ongoing, continuing internal battle waged to overcome fear, self-doubt, and denial of self, on the path to achieving our dreams. A reading from “Forever Here”, by author James Hilgendorf. ___________________ James Hilgendorf is the author of ten non-fiction books, including “Forever Here”.  His other titles include “Handbook for Youth in a Muddied Age”; [...]

On the Edge of Change

Tweet To keep your nose pressed eagerly to the glass, To be always on the edge of change, Requires breathless anticipation, Endurance, and the ability to hang in there, Hang in there, And then hang in there some more. The goal is never won. There is always more, so Don’t expect less. Take a breath, [...]

Can We Become the Flower of Our Dreams?

Tweet How much are we really capable of? There are seeming bounds and limits.  A flower can only grow to the foregone patterns of its seed. Yet life allows for stretching, waverings in the wind.  The force of weather and storms and rain breed new determinations. Power comes from unknown depths. With time passing, new [...]