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Traveling to a New America – Sausalito, California

Tweet Sausalito, a picturesque artsy community just north across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. Italian restaurants and art galleries abound.  Tourists, from nations around the world, step off the ferry to find excitement and amusement. Just off the main drag, I stopped to talk to a tall young man who was standing on [...]

Unknown Songsters

Tweet Unnamed singers, unknown composers, singing in the dark, in the shadows of history. We never knew you. No Shakespeares here, no Bach or Homer plying his Olympian tales heard down the ages. Just a banjo strumming in Appalachian hollows.  Or a rare and fragile love poem composed in the light of the moon.  Or [...]

The Moment is Forever Now

Tweet THE MOMENT IS NOW One has to believe in oneself, against all odds. There is nothing more important.  Let go all ordinary matters. Sharpen your intent.  Call up the voice that has always been within you, deep down, the magical self, that, once believed in and given credence, brings forth immense power and actualization. [...]

The Secret Door

Tweet The Secret Door.  Another dimension, beyond the common goals and dreams, struggles and strife. A reading from his books, by author James Hilgendorf _____________ A New Vision of Ourselves.  A New Dream of America.  A New Religion for the World. James Hilgendorf is the author of ten non-fiction books, including “A New Myth for [...]

Among Neanderthals

Tweet In antediluvian times – going back several hundred thousand years, men and women roamed the landscape – called Neanderthal, not quite human, but a subspecies of the genus Homo, closely related to all of us today. They led lives obscure until about 30,000 years ago. Then came Cro-Magnon men and women, early modern humans. [...]


Tweet One can die and still be alive.  So many ways. One can play golf from early dawn, with dew glistening on the fairways, until dusk, when the light shades down over the fairways. Marking down the score of the day, day after day, nothing left but the freedom of time slipping away through one’s [...]

The Religion of the Future

Tweet The religion of the future must be a religion for all humankind. A religion of no distinctions, men or women, black or white or brown, heterosexual or homosexual, young or old, of whatever ethnicity, background, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, the entire gamut of human beings. A religion that support the individual and [...]

Who Are You When You Die?

Tweet Who and where are we when we die? There are all kinds of answers: You become clay. You meet your Maker. You live in paradise forever. It is all over forever. You are a wave on the Ocean of Life. You meet 70 virgins. You burn in hell. You take it easy in heaven. [...]

Time is Moving By

Tweet Time is moving by And the lights come down. Bedtime in the quiet rooms, The sound of rain and wind Beyond the windows. We should touch each other Moment by moment, Remember each passing Word and motion, Stand in the flow of time And be still forever, while Ages unfold and disappear. Here and [...]

Forever Here, now on Apple iBooks

Tweet “Forever Here”, by author James Hilgendorf, is now available on Apple iBooks as an e-book download. A collection of seventy inspiring, penetrating pieces exploring the dimension of forever lying within the real world around us, and within our own lives, “Forever Here” is a call to everyone to bring forth the greatest self one [...]