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The Buddha Is Coming To America

Tweet Who are we? We have come to a great juncture in human history. We are becoming who we were meant to be all along. The Buddha, the Awakened One. In the past several thousand of years, there were a few who awoke completely to their identity – signposts along the way of what was [...]

Below the Surface – Transforming the Self

Tweet How deep does the pain go? To change, to overcome, to transform ourselves – this is the great challenge. Stuck in patterns of life that have endured, not only from the day we were born, but from primordial times, and even beyond – ways of looking at the sun and moon, at others, at [...]

Shining New World/A Call to the Youth of America

Tweet To the Youth of America: Know that you are immortal.  In your very body, your present circumstances, your world, you carry forth the hopes and dreams of all of humanity. Raise your vision to the eternal.  Create a world that has never been known before.  Forget all creeds, all dogmas, all constricting visions of [...]

Dream Big

Tweet Dreams die, too. They can grow to an enchanting vividness, flowers in bloom, then in the next instant, go up in smoke. We awaken.  Harsh, harsh reality. What is required is a constant, unbending vision of the dream.  Let nothing derail our hopes. Our mind is a mirror of our universe.  Our very thoughts, [...]

Youth & Dreams – Free E-Book

Tweet Young people and their dreams. How to achieve them?  How to bring them into the light of day? It requires unswerving devotion, and the overcoming, step by step, of doubt and indecision.  It requires great effort. No one will do it for you.  It is your dream. The world is your mirror, yours to [...]

A Religious Outlook: Necessity for Life’s Navigation

Tweet There is so much controversy whirling today among religious or non-religious outlooks on life: Questions of God or no God; Fundamentalism or Atheism. The way I look at it, religion is a worldview, a way of shaping and perceiving reality.  In this sense, everyone is religious.  Atheism is a religion as much as Catholicism.  [...]

Women’s Empowerment: Buddhism, Christianity, & Islam/Speaker Series

Tweet The empowerment of women is a topic of extreme importance as we move into a new global civilization.  How do our religions look at women?  This is the topic of one of the talks given in the speaker series of author James Hilgendorf. Any religion, philosophy, or mode of thinking that denigrates women, that [...]

Let The Dream Come Forth

Tweet Power invests in the self. As long as you navigate the circumference, who you are and who you dream to be remain unexpressed. The center of the circle is at the center. Unleashing this self requires courage and boldness.  It requires faith.  We are here to unleash the genius and power of our universe. [...]

Religion, Faith, and Self Empowerment

Tweet What is empowerment according to the major world religions? Religions do not often talk about self empowerment.  Rather they talk about faith and adherence to doctrine and dogma. But self empowerment should be at the very heart of any religious dialogue. How do we become the greatest human beings we are capable of becoming? [...]

Empowering Youth in the 21st Century/Speaker Series-James Hilgendorf

Tweet The youth of today are searching for meaning and hope in their lives. True empowerment comes from a deep, inner vision of ourselves, and of our relation to the world and universe around us. This is one of several audience-oriented talks given by author James Hilgendorf. Contact him for details. Click flyer to enlarge.