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The Dreams of Life

Tweet Our dreams are the dreams of Life. They are there for fulfillment. Through pursuing our dreams, we learn to believe in ourselves.  We gain power.  We come to realize that nothing is impossible. Our world is a mirror of our determination, deep prayer, and resolute action. Our universe will definitely respond, but only after [...]

Life Is An Inscrutable Master

Tweet Life is a riddle.  Nothing is as it seems. What is our great quest?  Love and sweetness and gentleness and ease and wealth, no struggle or pain. But all this leads nowhere. A hundred thousand dishes, wine and travels, endless days on the beach, over and over, and then they are gone.  What is [...]

Secrets of Making Dreams Come True – Belief

Tweet How do we really make our innermost dreams come true?  How do we fashion them into reality? One of the necessities is believing in yourself. Each of us is unique.  Each of us is special.  We have heard these phrases many times before, but we carry so much baggage with us, and so many [...]

The Real Dream of America

Tweet Even if we lose everything here in America that we have known up to this moment in time – the vast economic superiority, the money, the arrogance of power, the thousands of nuclear weapons, the tanks, the submarines, the stealth bombers, the opulence, television and big sports games and mega shopping malls – America [...]

Can a Flower Become the Flower of its Dreams?

Tweet How much are we really capable of? There are seeming bounds and limits.  A flower can only grows to the foregone patterns of its seed. Yet life allows for stretching, waverings in the wind.  The force of weather and storms and rain breed new determinations. Power comes from unknown depths. With time passing, new [...]

Where The Treasure Lies

Tweet Where does the treasure lie? We trade our lives for fractured dreams, that end in smoke. One day, two days, days on end, unremembered, unfulfilled. Where have we been? I move through the motions of the day, and always there is something that cannot be expressed, that informs me forever, a hint, a gesture, [...]

The Most Difficult Thing

Tweet The most difficult thing is to believe in yourself. We are one among billions on the planet, and who are we and why are we here?  Youth sometimes despair, even think of ending it all. The truth is something astounding, even unbelievable. You are the prime point of the entire universe.  Everything revolves around [...]

Let Wisdom Flow Out Upon This Land of America

Tweet Let wisdom flow out upon this land. Wisdom to fill the minds and hearts of the youth of America. Dream dreams that go beyond anything we have imagined up until now, dreams that rock the world, upend conventional wisdom, destroy the limits of possibility. To express things never before given expression, to create a [...]

Elephants Dreaming

Tweet Ah, the elephants, Swinging their trunks, Then dangling along in the dirt. Two giants, side by side, Moving to one another, Slowly, slowly, remembering. One trunk goes up against The other’s head, listening, Sensing, transmitting Memories from long ago. Their eyes are dark. They center themselves in an Elephant universe. Elephant time. Feeling so [...]

Cherish Hope – Dreaming on Open Seas

Tweet One must cherish hope deep in one’s heart.  One has to put down roots that can never be shaken loose. The dream is the only thing that sustains us at times. Everything can seem to go up in smoke.  Then there is nothing, there is only the dream. So it has always been.  Ancient [...]