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Youth – Dream Big

Tweet DREAM BIG Power invests in the self. As long as you navigate the circumference, who you are and who you dream to be remain unexpressed. The center of the circle is at the center. Unleashing this self requires courage and boldness.  It requires faith.  We are here to unleash the genius and power of [...]

Youth & Dreams – Free E-Book

Tweet Young people and their dreams. How to achieve them?  How to bring them into the light of day? It requires unswerving devotion, and the overcoming, step by step, of doubt and indecision.  It requires great effort. No one will do it for you.  It is your dream. The world is your mirror, yours to [...]

Traveling the New America

Tweet I will be traveling across America during this year and the next, talking to different groups about a new vision of life here in these States. I call it “A New Myth for America”. The many themes of my talks are taken from my books: Empowerment. Life & Death. The True Meaning of these [...]

The Eye of the Storm

Tweet The path of the tornado or hurricane is strewn with debris. But at the eye of the storm is a center of quiet and absolute knowingness. Nothing can stop you.  Keep on. A reading from James Hilgendorf’s new book of poetry and prose, “Time’s Turning”. _______________ James Hilgendorf is a filmmaker, poet, speaker, and [...]

Handbook for Youth in a Muddied Age

Tweet “Handbook for Youth in a Muddied Age” is available free as a digital download now from iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobobooks and Smashwords. Written for youth and young people of all ages, the book is a compilation of short inspirational pieces from the author, as well as  passages from many famous people throughout history, [...]

Discover New Worlds Within Yourself

Tweet We tend to think about ourselves in certain circumscribed terms. We are this, we are that.  We have certain limits, so far and no farther. We may dream of a different life, but reality drags us down.  How much can we expand ourselves to match our dreams? Everything starts and ends with the moment.  [...]

Dream Big

Tweet When things look blackest, keep going! Victory always hinges on perseverance, when everything seems lost, when dreams seem to go up in smoke, when you are too tired to take the next step. Keep faith in yourself.  Remain true to your dreams.  Life is testing your resolve. A dream connected to a larger dream, [...]

The Moment is Forever Now

Tweet THE MOMENT IS NOW One has to believe in oneself, against all odds. There is nothing more important.  Let go all ordinary matters. Sharpen your intent.  Call up the voice that has always been within you, deep down, the magical self, that, once believed in and given credence, brings forth immense power and actualization. [...]

Believe in Yourself: The Boat of our Dreams

Tweet Believing in yourself, at times, is one of the most difficult of things.  We seem lost.  Nothing appears on the horizon but gathering storm clouds. This is the time to pull out all the stops.  Continue.  Keep going.  Hang in there.  Never give up. A reading from “A New Myth for America”, by author [...]

Your Life Is Vast & Limitless/Speaker Series, James Hilgendorf

Tweet Perseverance, determination, action, belief in ourselves, never giving up on our dreams.  These are the qualities of eventual victory. But we all hit walls and impasses, when life seems stuck, when nothing moves. Let go, let go.  There is always a way though. ____________________ James Hilgendorf is a speaker, encouraging audiences on a wide [...]