Our Mission Here in These States

Even if we lose everything here n America that we have known up to this moment in time – the vast economic superiority, the money, the arrogance of power, the thousands of nuclear weapons, the tanks, the submarines, the stealth bombers, the opulence, television and big sports games and mega shopping malls – America and Americans can still be the greatest in the world, we can be the stars of a new era, the forerunners of a vision of life and of the heart that has never unfolded before in history.

This is our true mission here in these fifty states.  We are here to give voice and presence to the great dream that has lain dormant and suppressed and buried and trod upon for ages and millennia in the heart of humanity – the dream of equality and justice and compassion, the dream of a New World, this world that has escaped our grasp from the dawn of time but which refuses to die because it is the only true world, and it is a world which is imminently realizable.  This is the great dream of America which is ours to realize.

—- From “The New Superpower


James Hilgendorf

James Hilgendorf

James Hilgendorf is the author of nine non-fiction books, including “The New Superpower”.

A New Vision of Ourselves.  A New Dream of America.  A New Religion for the World.

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