Handbook for Youth in a Muddied Age

“Handbook for Youth in a Muddied Age” is available free as a digital download now from iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobobooks and Smashwords.

Written for youth and young people of all ages, the book is a compilation of short inspirational pieces from the author, as well as  passages from many famous people throughout history, on achieving dreams, and living a great and meaningful life.

Below is a video of one of my short readings from the book.

To download a free digital copy of the book, simply go to your favorite site above, and search for my name, James Hilgendorf.  You will see my books; select “Handbook for Youth in a Muddied Age” and download.  Amazon.com also lists the book, but will not offer the book for free, rather 99 cents.

If you enjoy the book, please share it for free with many others, especially young people.

If your group is interested in scheduling me for a talk, contact me directly.


James HilgendorfJames Hilgendorf is a filmmaker, poet, speaker, and the author of ten non-fiction books.  For more information, see his website.

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