Discover New Worlds Within Yourself

We tend to think about ourselves in certain circumscribed terms.

We are this, we are that.  We have certain limits, so far and no farther.

We may dream of a different life, but reality drags us down.  How much can we expand ourselves to match our dreams?

Everything starts and ends with the moment.  There is nowhere else we live but in the moment.

What are you doing this moment to make a change?  Everything is possible, but opening up the door to your own life, discovering new possibilities, is the hardest thing in the universe to do.

You have to believe in yourself, holding your dreams forever centered in your mind, while taking action with all your heart.

Try, and try again.  Losing here, take stock of your loss, try another approach.  If you never give in, if you keep on trying, you will never be defeated.

Struggles fashion us into joyful creators.  Struggles bring out new worlds within ourselves that we never knew of before.

Follow the dream, and you will become the dream.


Forever Here, a book by James HilgendorfJames Hilgendorf is a filmmaker, poet, speaker, and the author of ten non-fiction books, including “Forever Here”

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