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Students, Money, Elections & America

Tweet Students in America are loaded down with debt. I talked to one student recently who just graduated from a major university, and her debt load is close to $100,000.  Another young woman I know has just finished medical school at a prestigious school, and her debt is $300,000. The average debt for graduating students [...]

Social Security Safe Despite Scare Tactics

Tweet For Decades – ever since the reforms of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration – conservatives have been howling into the wind, trying to drum up opposition to Social Security, using every ploy in the book to destroy legislation that has benefited – and continues to benefit – millions upon millions of our elderly citizens. They [...]

Talk About Taxes – What do you get from yours?

Tweet Tax day has come and gone, and we had the Tea-Partiers making a lot of noise about taxes and big government.  They proclaim a slide into socialism and the big hand of government and European socialism taking over all our lives. So you have paid your taxes.  What are you getting?  This is really [...]