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Traveling to a New America Stops at Berkeley Book Fair

Tweet “Traveling to a New America” appeared this past weekend at the Berkeley Book Fair in Berkeley, California.  I was there with my wife Elizabeth.  Each year, the event draws thousands of people interested in new books and ideas. This year and next, I will be traveling to towns and cities all across America, meeting [...]

Traveling to a New America – Fremont, Ca. – People Along the Way

Tweet Fremont, California.  This is not the old white America of trim lawns and white-washed picket fences.  White America numbers only about a third of the population here.  Half of the population of this city of around 230,000, just north of San Jose, is Asian by roots – Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Pakistani, Japanese, [...]

Bernie Sanders & The Revolution

Tweet Bernie Sanders, in running for the office of President of the United States of America, talks of revolution. By revolution, he means drawing many more people into the political process, and then standing up together against the monied interests – the banks and Wall Street – that have consolidated their economic power and are [...]

Health Care Debacle: Crisis of Caring

Tweet The current media circus centering around Obamacare and the politicians in Washington on both sides jockeying for position and soundbites, is a national tragedy. The problem is an utter lack of compassion at the core of the leadership of this country. Yes, Obamacare, if it could be property rolled out, is a step in [...]

The Stock Market & Revolution in the Streets

Tweet So now people are finally bringing the revolution to the streets. At New York’s Stock Exchange, we suddenly see hundreds of people, young and old, protesting greed, protesting banks and bankers, protesting the stock market, protesting something almost indefinable now in the air in America. It is despair, it is disgust, with our own [...]

Dennis Kucinich in Seattle: A New America

Tweet A week ago, Dennis Kucinich gave a speech in Seattle.  It is about a new America, and the Dream of America.  It is about the kind of America we all yearn for, and envision for our children. Draw your own conclusions.  Here is the speech: Hello Seattle. On this day, in this place of [...]

Social Security Safe Despite Scare Tactics

Tweet For Decades – ever since the reforms of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration – conservatives have been howling into the wind, trying to drum up opposition to Social Security, using every ploy in the book to destroy legislation that has benefited – and continues to benefit – millions upon millions of our elderly citizens. They [...]