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Black and White

Tweet Nelson Mandela survived twenty-seven years in a jail cell. Have you spent even one day and night in jail?  Twenty-seven years was truly an eternity. The incomprehensible thing is how he managed to maintain his humanity amid this desert of timelessness. He wielded a heavy hammer for years in the hot blazing South African [...]

Abraham Lincoln & Donald Trump

Tweet I’ve just finished rereading Carl Sandburg’s great biography, Abraham Lincoln, The Prairie Years and The War Years. What Lincoln meant to the American people was shown by Lincoln’s final journey across the country by railroad car from the East Coast to Springfield, Illinois, where he was buried.  Along the journey, millions of people turned [...]

Trump, Putin, Christianity & Tolstoy

Tweet Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have come together in mutual admiration for one another. Both have their own treacherous, hidden agendas; but their modus operandi are similar – an amalgamation of personal power through rallying the populace to a vision of past glories. In Donald Trump’s case, it is a call to “make America [...]

Traveling to a New America – Fremont, Ca. – People Along the Way

Tweet Fremont, California.  This is not the old white America of trim lawns and white-washed picket fences.  White America numbers only about a third of the population here.  Half of the population of this city of around 230,000, just north of San Jose, is Asian by roots – Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Pakistani, Japanese, [...]

Hope. And A New Dream.

Tweet With the sudden ascendancy of Donald Trump and his allies to power, a shroud of darkness and uncertainty has descended upon many citizens of America. People of all stripes would like to believe something good might emerge out of this election, but their reservoirs of hope have dwindled mightily.  We are in a new [...]

Traveling to a New America – People Along the Way

Tweet Cynthia Reyes College student, psychology, Berkeley, California. _______________________ Cynthia, the elections being over, what’s your take now on America? “With all the changes happening in America right now, my main focus is spreading love and kindness, and reaching out a helping hand to those who feel alienated or are fearing events to come. “I’m [...]

Traveling to a New America – Sonoma, California

Tweet Today I was in the city of Sonoma, California.  It’s a beautiful town, with a broad, beautiful central plaza that draws a lot of tourists.  This is wine country, and the country around is lovely, with rolling hills of vineyards. I met Fehlandt in the town square.  He’s 39, a resident here. He’s a [...]

Traveling to a New America – Anger at the Root – Live or Die

Tweet One thing you see and hear in America these days is anger. Anger that people are not being heard or recognized or appreciated. This election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, with its unprecedented nastiness, is bringing many things to the surface that have been seething in our national psyche for decades. It is [...]

Civil War

Tweet America has always provoked a Civil War. It is the nature of the ideal: brotherhood, sisterhood, equality, compassion like a river surging through blood-soaked fields. War at each moment, within our very own breasts.  Shall we advance? Staring defeat in the face, to muster courage and go for what has never yet been given [...]

Hitlers, Stalins, and more recent Aspiring Actors

Tweet You have to be amazed sometimes at the shifting political landscape this year, the rage and ranting coming out of the Trump campaign and his followers.  The viciousness and lies keep piling up, the denigration of people, Mexicans, Muslims, women, the disabled, yet, amazingly, a large part of our citizenry still remain insanely attached [...]