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During the Dark Hours

Tweet DURING THE DARK HOURS Flowers have bloomed During the night. A lovely bouquet this Morning, though the Night before, blooms Were closed, Seemingly dead, Finished growing. Transformation took place During the dark hours. Sometimes we wind our Way up from the depths, There is no light. The hidden sun in our heart Leading the [...]

Be A Dream

Tweet Be a dream. Be the unfolding of Transformation. Light from dark, Joy from dead-end Black holes of No light. Wherever you are, Wherever you go, Poles switch from South to north, Laughter bursts Into eruptions of Overcoming, Vision, Eternity, Stars, Suns, Reflections of Yourself. ___________ This year and next, James Hilgendorf is traveling to [...]

Love That Deepens Forever

Tweet Love between two people is something that should deepen over time. After 25 years, or 50 years, it should be deeper than ever.  If it is not, it is not love, it is something else. A reading from “Poems of Death: Time for Eternity”, by James Hilgendorf. ___________ James Hilgendorf is a filmmaker, speaker, [...]

Life Is A Riddle. Nothing Is As It Seems

Tweet Life is an inscrutable master. Often the storms and struggles, those challenges that we wish to avoid, are the catalysts for our greatest development, in the realm of the heart. A reading from “Handbook for Youth in a Muddied Age”, by author and speaker James Hilgendorf. _______________ James Hilgendorf is available as a speaker [...]

Life is an Inscrutable Master

Tweet Life is a riddle.  Nothing is as it seems. What is our great quest?  Love and sweetness and gentleness and ease and wealth, no struggle or pain. But all this leads nowhere. A hundred thousand dishes, wine and travels, endless days on the beach, over and over, and then they are gone.  What is  [...]

Roots and Weeds

Tweet Putin and Russians are struggling over the loss of Ukraine.  Muslims and Jews battle over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  At the heart of it all is roots. Crimea, for Russians, Putin claims, is “like the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, arguing that the very roots of Russia date back to Kievan Rus, a loose [...]

Can a Flower Become the Flower of its Dreams?

Tweet How much are we really capable of? There are seeming bounds and limits.  A flower can only grows to the foregone patterns of its seed. Yet life allows for stretching, waverings in the wind.  The force of weather and storms and rain breed new determinations. Power comes from unknown depths. With time passing, new [...]

Barriers Are Here To Make Us Grow

Tweet Today I came across a very tiny yellow flower that had somehow lodged its roots into a slim crack in the sidewalk concrete. What a lovely flower!  Shining, effervescent, a bold venturer where no other flower would go. All alone, yet seeming to care nothing for that fact.  Enough simply to be. There are [...]

Love, A Rare Bloom; and Flowers That Bloom Forever

Tweet Love is a rare bloom; but rarer still is a flower that blooms forever. A flower that springs beyond love, beyond the passion and heat and turbulence and cycle of birth and dying and death. People and flowers come and go; but something can remain that never withers. It is a promise, as the [...]

Flowers Can Bloom From Nowhere

Tweet Flowers can bloom from nowhere. From the deepest gloom, brimstone And dreams gone awry, then Tiny buds of hope flower into Your view. Bitter the days, cold winds Strafing the land, then Sun and waters flowing Down through sweet valleys. I would hope to live forever. By your side, tasting whites and Blacks and [...]