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Ramadan, End Times & The Fourth of July

Tweet Ramadan, the holy month of Islam, ends today; and the month has brought us a string of devastating attacks and explosions around the world coordinated by ISIS, concluding yesterday with an attack in Medina, the second holiest spot in Islam, and burial place of the prophet Mohammed. The attack on Medina was also an [...]

Brexit – Britain just Exited the Future

Tweet With Brexit, Britain just relegated itself to the status of a backward, second-rate island nation player, totally out-of-sync with the trajectory of the future. Seventy-five percent of the youth in Britain, for example, roughly ages 19-24, voted to stay with Europe.  These young people are the future.  They envision a future that encompasses the [...]

France & Muslims: Who Are We?

Tweet With the Charlie Hebdo massacre last week, and the Paris march in support of the cartoonists and free speech, a question has been posed front and center to millions and hundreds of millions of people on both sides of the rift:  Who Are We? The French, and indeed much of Europe, is being forced [...]

The Unification of Mankind

Tweet In 1947, the great English historian Arnold Toynbee published a book titled “Civilization on Trial”. In it, Toynbee tried to look ahead a few thousand years into the future, at the direction he felt the world was taking. What he saw, overall, was, first of all, the tremendous impact of Western civilization upon all [...]

Russia: Descent into the Past

Tweet Vladimir Putin has turned Russia on a path into the past, a catastrophe for the Russian people. The world is heading towards a planetary globalization, but at the same time, the forces for disintegration and separation are rampant.  Peoples, cultures, and nations want to pull back and retreat into their own smaller, comfortable world.  [...]

Russia’s Decline into the Past

Tweet The recent chaotic events in Ukraine have Russia making a u-turn away from progress and the future. The entire movement of world events and ideas is demanding that individuals, as well as nations, shed their attachments to small egos and identities, and grow into a consciousness of themselves as members of a global family, [...]

EU – Whither Now?

Tweet The chaos in Ukraine is causing a reassessment of many things among members of the European Union.  Putin’s Russian government’s overtures in that country threaten to disturb economic progress, as well as pose a military challenge as well to the EU and EU countries on the border with Russia. It is an unsettling time, [...]