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Thomas Paine & The Age of Reason

Tweet This memorial to Thomas Paine stands in the town of New Rochelle, New York, where Paine lived from 1802 to 1806. Many people are aware of Paine’s contributions, especially his authorship of the inspiring pamphlets, “Common Sense” and “American Crisis”, which led to his being called the “Father of the American Revolution.” Not so [...]

An Absence of God

Tweet OUR MIND’S CHAOS I walk along the quiet streets, Alarm bells clanging Off in the distance, Way off, Red dust from bombed-out Hovels shimmering in the Incandescent light, Floating in from Iraq, Iran, North Africa, Syria, Swaths of civilization Wiped clean, leaving only An absence of God, A hole in the heart of Everything. [...]

Republicans, Trump, and others “Left Behind”

Tweet Evangelicals proudly point to the series of “Left Behind” books, which former televangelist Jerry Falwell called “In terms of its impact on Christianity, it’s probably greater than that of any other book in modern times, outside the Bible.” The war in these books is between the Tribulation Force, the good guys marching towards the [...]


Tweet The dinosaurs that once roamed and terrorized the Earth – did somebody plan them? Did God, sitting and pondering on his throne, envision them in his lordly plan? There were no thoughts of peace and brotherhood coursing through tyrannosaurus rex’s brain, only the ferocious gnashing of jaws and teeth, and insatiable hunger – a [...]

Beyond Atheism

Tweet A few months ago, I had a brief conversation with a woman who held no “religious” beliefs at all, and did not want to hear anything whatsoever to do with religion.  She was a devout atheist.  She kept telling me in quite strident tones: “Don’t you know – over the past four hundred years, [...]

Traveling to a New America – Berkeley, California

Tweet We’re in Berkeley, California today, talking to students on the Cal Berkeley campus. What is it that young people are looking for here today? Many will answer, to get a good job when they graduate, or to work in a field or career that they enjoy.   Some do not know exactly what their [...]

A Challenge to Atheists, Humanists & Believers Alike

Tweet The battle between science and religion – between, on the one hand, the worldview of atheists, humanists, agnostics and others who see this universe as devoid of any God, and entrenched believers on the other hand, whether Christian, Jew, or Muslim – seems only to be growing more strident as time goes by. Actually, [...]

A Religious Outlook: Necessity for Life’s Navigation

Tweet There is so much controversy whirling today among religious or non-religious outlooks on life: Questions of God or no God; Fundamentalism or Atheism. The way I look at it, religion is a worldview, a way of shaping and perceiving reality.  In this sense, everyone is religious.  Atheism is a religion as much as Catholicism.  [...]

Ashraf Fayadh & the Thought Police of Saudi Arabia

Tweet Ashraf Fayadh, the renowned Palestinian poet and artist, has been sentenced to death by a Saudi Arabian court on charges of apostasy (renunciation of Islam), spreading atheism, and threatening the morals of Saudi society. What were these charges based on?  A book of poems he published in 2008 in Lebanon. Fayadh is known in [...]

So Incredible, So Astonishing

Tweet Sitting at home tonight, I watch the latest news on television.  Disaster after disaster. Planes bombed.  Lebanon bombed.  France bombed.  Atrocities after atrocities. And in the Mideast, whole swaths of former countries now sheared of all boundaries, and devilish hordes of people moving across the wasteland, trying to build fantastical empires in the debris [...]