Armageddon: The Dream of End Days

Christianity and Islam both hold a burning vision of the end days, Armageddon.

A day of justice, when the armies of the righteous will triumph over Satan and unbelievers.  An enormous bloodbath – described either in the Book of Revelation, or the missives of current-day ISIS.

This is the dream of so many people.  This is a dream forged out from the roots of our religions, from Christianity, from Islam.  Hordes of people are still waiting breathlessly for this to happen.

Fundamentalist Christians have been waiting and praying for this day forever, despairing for centuries and millennia that it has not yet happened.  Waiting for Jesus to come back and rescue the faithful and carry them to heaven, utterly destroying and casting into eternal hellish flames all unbelievers.  Rapturously lifting the faithful out of their shoes, off of airplanes, wherever they happen to be, to save them from the scourge of God’s wrath and destruction.

ISIS is now seething to implement one of Islam’s original trajectories and dreams, a worldwide caliphate, born of a final battle on the plains of Syria – a confrontation and battle hungered for, a bloodbath, armageddon – a dream so apocalyptic that it finds its most dreamed-of fulfillment in the nuclear annihilation of hundreds of millions of men, women and children in a final hellish fantasy of flames and destruction.

These are the dreams of hundreds of millions on this planet Earth.  Make no mistake about it.  These are dreams engendered by our holy books, the Bible and the Koran.  These are the fodder of our fantasies.

We have lived these nightmares born of our holy books, and we continue to live these crooked dreams.

When will it end?  We need a new myth for humanity, for all of humanity, for the sick and poor everywhere, for the unfortunate, for those suffering through their days with no light at the end of the tunnel, for those desperate for hope of a happy life here and now, where it counts, down in the trenches of daily life here on Earth.

We need to destroy all visions of Armageddon in our hearts and minds.  We need to plant the seeds of a new philosophy and religion that unites all of humanity at the roots of our being, so that fresh flowers can grow and blossom for our children’s future.

We need a new religion.


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