America As It Is Unfolding

Donald Trump and his insular, vicious narcissism.

The Republican Health Care debacle, an attempt to pass a law that violates the health of tens of millions of Americans – for what? – for power, for prestige, for money, for an empty victory, for blatant ego – and seemingly no one in the corridors of power who cares for what’s happening down on the ground.

America, its image being tarnished around the world.

At this moment in history, who looks this way for answers, for light, for vision, for hope?  America, the dream, where have you gone?

And yet, this is the pivotal moment in our history.  This is a pivotal moment for America.  The true America is only now beginning to emerge.

We took a wrong turn long ago.  We worshipped money, we placed it on a pedestal.  We made it our goal.

Trump is the true, final revelation of our false American Dream.  He is the dream we have all followed, made finally manifest, the perfect embodiment.

It is winter and the Death of the old American Dream.

The true American Dream, though, has never died.  It has only lain in abeyance, awaiting a great springtime.

What will finally call it forth?

Only one person, standing at the heart of the center of the universe itself, abandoning everything else to be true to oneself, to one’s greater self, caring for nothing except the revelation of the Dream.

Each person now, creating the Dream.

Each person the Buddha, at the heart of everything.  Fashioning a new world.  Emanating compassion, embracing worlds.

Amid the destruction, tiny shoots of green amid a barren landscape.

A new America.

A great Dream.


A New Myth for America BuddhismJames Hilgendorf is a filmmaker, speaker, poet, and the author of ten non-fiction books that are opening the way to a new vision of ourselves, a new dream of America, a new religion for the world.  This year and next, he is meeting and talking to people on the streets and in small gatherings, in towns and cities all across America, under the banner of “Traveling to a New America.

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