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November 2016

Traveling to a New America – Temescal, Oakland, People Along the Way

Tweet I was in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland, California today.  Temescal is a very diverse neighborhood, with people of different racial and economic backgrounds living side-by-side. I met a lovely young woman named Alana here. Alana, what’s your take on America at this time? “It’s been a private and personal adjustment for me right [...]

Something That Never Changes/Life & Death In America

Tweet Life and Death are the great mysteries. Why do trees lose their leaves?  Why does the day wane?  Why do we move inexorably from birth to death? Even the great suns, the stars vast in breadth of light-years, cannot escape their own demise. Where does it come from, and why? Some would not even [...]

Traveling to a New America – Rockridge, California/People Along the Way

Tweet Traveling to a New America – People Along the Way Maya John, age 18, Rockridge, California. _______________ Maya, what’s your take on America right now? “I think we’ve had a lot of change from technology, we had a black president for two terms, a lot of immigration, but still there’s a lot of inequality [...]

Emerson, Trump, & Hearts of Steel

Tweet Ralph Waldo Emerson, living in the time of the American Renaissance in the early 1800′s, wrote: “Good-nature is plentiful, but we want justice with a heart of steel, to fight down the proud.” He was encouraging people to stand up and fight injustice wherever they found it, and to unflinching oppose the arrogance of [...]

Hope. And A New Dream.

Tweet With the sudden ascendancy of Donald Trump and his allies to power, a shroud of darkness and uncertainty has descended upon many citizens of America. People of all stripes would like to believe something good might emerge out of this election, but their reservoirs of hope have dwindled mightily.  We are in a new [...]

Traveling to a New America – Pleasant Hill, California/People Along the Way

Tweet Yesterday I was in Pleasant Hill, California, talking to people, and I met a young woman named Teri. Teri, what’s your take on America right now? “I see people being kinder to each other, demonstrating kindness towards people who maybe have been marginalized in this whole election, and I’ve also seen people who voted [...]

Traveling to a New America – People Along the Way, Talking on the Street

Tweet Raymond, age 29.  Artist. ___________________ Raymond, what’s your take on America right now? “My take is that America and the world is really going through a shift – one that’s going to unify a lot of people, but also separate a large group as well, not so much in a negative way, but in [...]

America – The Land Where You Lived Forever

Tweet America is the land where Death has buried itself the deepest. Covered over from the very beginning of the Republic, buried away upon the darkened American prairies, no longer to be noticed or mentioned. There were voices, here and there, faint prophets in the wilderness, but they were drowned out by the sound of [...]

Democracy – The Real Kind

Tweet What is democracy? Here in the United States, in what we consider the world’s most perfect democracy, political parties are at each other’s throats, struggling to gain fifty-one percent of the vote, or fifty-one percent of the power, so that one party and its adherents can control and have their way with the other [...]

Traveling to a New America – Alameda, California

Tweet Alameda, California. An island community, adjacent to and south of Oakland, of about 75,000 people.  You find a mix of backgrounds here – Caucasian, Asian, African American, Hispanic.  In general, you talk to people, they like living here. I stopped five people at random to ask what they felt about America, a week after [...]