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May 2016

Christianity, Atomic Bombs, & A New Religion

Tweet “Maybe we need a new religion.” This was the comment of a ten-year old boy after reading the newspapers and watching television and witnessing the continuing bloodshed taking place all over the Middle East. Why is this world awash in blood, while Christians, Muslims & Jews – the followers of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism [...]

Youth & Dreams – Free E-Book

Tweet Young people and their dreams. How to achieve them?  How to bring them into the light of day? It requires unswerving devotion, and the overcoming, step by step, of doubt and indecision.  It requires great effort. No one will do it for you.  It is your dream. The world is your mirror, yours to [...]

Opening the Way in America

Tweet Yes, if you look at politics and the state of the Union today, the chaos gathering like a dust storm from off of Syria, it seems we are headed for some kind of dissolution of the Republic. The Fundamentalists would call it Armageddon, the final reckoning.  They have stored up tin cans of larder [...]

Renaissance America – A Way Forward for Youth

Tweet The campaign of Bernie Sanders is drawing crowds of young people wherever he goes.  Something new is in the air. That something is change.  But it is change, I believe, that goes way beyond politics, reaching deep into the buried soul of America. Who are we?  Why are we here? The answer is not [...]

A Mushroom Cloud of Madness

Tweet Thousands of nuclear weapons, poised around the world, waiting for annihilation.  Utter insanity. Time to clear the decks!  Away with the old ideas of who we are, and why we are here, and what this life is all about. A new vision of ourselves.  A new dream of America.  A new religion for the [...]