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February 2016

Transformation – Become A Creator

Tweet What is the key to transforming our lives?  Of achieving our dreams? The work is all within. The keys:  Never giving up on yourself.  Utter determination. Resolute action. Everything begins with yourself. A reading from “Forever Here”. _______________ James Hilgendorf is a filmmaker, poet, speaker, and the author of ten non-fiction books that are [...]

Handbook for Youth in a Muddied Age

Tweet “Handbook for Youth in a Muddied Age” is available free as a digital download now from iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobobooks and Smashwords. Written for youth and young people of all ages, the book is a compilation of short inspirational pieces from the author, as well as  passages from many famous people throughout history, [...]

The Future of America’s Greatness

Tweet What is a nation’s true greatness?  What kind of yardstick can we use to truly measure America’s greatness, now and into the future? Not the same-old, same-old rhythms of power and money and politics that we have witnessed in the past. People are hungering for change, a change predicated upon justice and a deep [...]

The Heart Is Where We Bloom

Tweet Nothing can happen unless you believe in yourself. Dig deep down, find what really drives you, and then, with one hundred percent effort and conviction, become that person. You are here, out of all creation, to express yourself.  No one alive can bring forth the potential of your particular voice and being. You are [...]

The Coming Revolution

Tweet “There is a revolution coming. “And as it reveals itself in the mind of each man and woman, the mountains will fall and shift, chasms will open, the deserts will run with rivers, beautiful blooms will burst from dry dust, suns will sprout in the sky, animals and birds dance, the nuclear force of [...]

The Real Roots of America

Tweet Controversy swirls still about the original roots of America.  Christians often look to the Founding Fathers as evidence of a Christian intent to the founding of this country. But you only have to look closely to what some of our most prominent Founding Fathers said and wrote to put the lie to that theory. [...]

Discover New Worlds Within Yourself

Tweet We tend to think about ourselves in certain circumscribed terms. We are this, we are that.  We have certain limits, so far and no farther. We may dream of a different life, but reality drags us down.  How much can we expand ourselves to match our dreams? Everything starts and ends with the moment.  [...]

Dream Big

Tweet When things look blackest, keep going! Victory always hinges on perseverance, when everything seems lost, when dreams seem to go up in smoke, when you are too tired to take the next step. Keep faith in yourself.  Remain true to your dreams.  Life is testing your resolve. A dream connected to a larger dream, [...]

Move The Universe With The Levers Of Your Heart

Tweet So many of us are struggling to give expression to our dreams.  But doubts get in our way. Believe in yourself!  This is still the way through. Until our confidence and faith in ourselves and unrelenting action overcome the negativity in our minds, the universe around us – our universe – will not respond, [...]

Clinton & Sanders & Single Payer Health Care

Tweet As the Democratic debates drag on, with only two candidates still standing, one issue provides a stark contrast between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Healthcare. Sanders wants to embark this country on a single-payer health care system – similar to a Medicare for All system – and Clinton wants to maintain and build on [...]