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October 2015

Daisaku Ikeda – Unknown Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Tweet Just before the most recent Nobel Peace Prize was announced, CNN ran a piece listing ten people as possible leading nominees.  One of these people was Daisaku Ikeda. I imagine many readers, upon seeing his face and name, would have reacted with a puzzled look of non-recognition.  Who is this man? Daisaku Ikeda is [...]

Lay Aside All Common Dreams

Tweet The times appear dark; but a new world is forthcoming. This is the challenge for youth – to build this new world with their bare hands. All is possible.  Lay aside all common dreams. Become all that you can be. —  A reading from “A New Myth for the World”. ______________ James Hilgendorf is [...]

Christianity, Islam & The New Coming World

Tweet Look out into the world.  What do you see? Gathering chaos, a breakdown of whole societies – especially in the Middle East. This is the world of our religions’ roots – Christianity, Islam, Judaism.  This is where we came from, this is our ancestral home. And this home is being torn apart, desecrated, bombed [...]

Dinosaurs – God’s Handiwork?

Tweet The dinosaurs that once roamed and terrorized the Earth – did somebody plan them? Did God, sitting and pondering on his throne, envision them in his lordly plan? There were no thoughts of peace and brotherhood coursing through tyrannosaurus rex’s brain, only the ferocious gnashing of jaws and teeth, and insatiable hunger – a [...]

Bernie Sanders & The Revolution

Tweet Bernie Sanders, in running for the office of President of the United States of America, talks of revolution. By revolution, he means drawing many more people into the political process, and then standing up together against the monied interests – the banks and Wall Street – that have consolidated their economic power and are [...]

“Handbook for Youth in a Muddied Age”, free ebook, ibooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobobooks

Tweet “Handbook for Youth in a Muddied Age”, one of ten inspiring books by author James Hilgendorf, is now available free as a digital ebook from iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobobooks, and Smashwords. The book is a handbook of encouragement and inspiration for young people in America and the world today.  It is a book [...]

Mexico’s Hurricane is Bearing Down Upon Us All

Tweet Mexico’s hurricane, the largest storm ever to veer off the Atlantic and Pacific waters, is about to roll onto the west coast of our southern neighbor. Batten down the hatches, it’s here. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, I am dreaming.  The mottled clouds overhead, at day’s end, are beautiful.  The sky stretches out so [...]

The Real Size of the Universe

Tweet Carl Sagan, astronomer, astrophysicist, and co-author of the award-winning television series, “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage”, once wrote in another of his books, “Pale Blue Dot”, the following passage: “How is it that hardly any major religion has looked at science and concluded, ‘This is better than we thought!  The universe is much bigger than [...]

The Secret World Everyone Is Looking For

Tweet Atheism vs. Fundamentalism.  Science vs. Religion.  Evolution vs. Creationism. The battle lines are drawn, have been drawn for centuries, and will continue to be drawn.  No quarter given. On one side is a world of science and reason and materialism; on the other a world of faith and God and the supernatural. Each is [...]

The True America: Whitman, Thoreau, Emerson

Tweet Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau and Walt Whitman wrote of a vision and dream of America that still inspires us. It was the seminal dream of America.  It was a dream that, to many today, seems lost; but which still lives on, awaiting fulfillment. A reading from “A New Myth for the World” [...]