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June 2015

A New Myth for the World – New Book by James Hilgendorf

Tweet The world is in turmoil, and the foundations of our millennia-old religions have crumbled.  Daily, the eye of science reaches farther out into the cosmos, and deeper into the world of sub-atomic matter, and yet we seem to be alone in an uncaring universe. The old myths are shattered, but the old questions remain.  [...]

Among Neanderthals

Tweet In antediluvian times – going back several hundred thousand years, men and women roamed the landscape – called Neanderthal, not quite human, but a subspecies of the genus Homo, closely related to all of us today. They led lives obscure until about 30,000 years ago. Then came Cro-Magnon men and women, early modern humans. [...]

We Open The Way

Tweet Wandering through the small, lonely towns of early America. There was Sherwood Anderson, and his small Ohio towns.  There was Theodore Dreiser, and Sister Carrie, and a vision of life that portrayed eternity in the passing of seemingly insignificant lives. There was Thomas Wolfe, with his haunting images of America, his hunger for life [...]

America – Where You Live Forever

Tweet America is the land where Death has buried itself the deepest. Covered over from the very beginning of the Republic, buried away upon the darkened American prairies, no longer to be noticed or mentioned. There were voices, here and there, faint prophets in the wilderness, but they were drowned out by the sound of [...]

Defeating The Bomb

Tweet Then the bomb appeared, mushrooming over Hiroshima. To combat it, appeared the dressmaker, policeman, newspaper deliverer, insurance salesman, wrestler, lumberjack, secretary, car salesman, nurse… unfolding from within themselves an enormous transformation of the mind and heart. Revealing the only force that can defuse and defeat the Bomb. One person. Unlocking nuclear combinations, bombarding quantum [...]

Prayers Unanswered

Tweet Sometimes our prayers go unanswered because we think too small. Life, looking out through our own eyes, imagines vast worlds, immense suns and galaxies that spread out into ever-receding voids and spaces. Gazing through our own eyes, though, into the same mirror, we see only baby steps we have taken, and hear the voices [...]

Evolution – The Eye That Can Truly See

Tweet Is there a movement to the cosmos?  Is there a plan, or a direction? Life seems to be struggling towards something.  What is it?  Does Life even know? Man is the first to be conscious of these questions. Darwin’s words broke open the cocoon we had been living in for hundreds of thousands and [...]