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April 2015

For Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists, Etc.

Tweet There are those, so conversant with the annals of science, who scoff at anything remotely smacking of religion. Theirs is the residue of a bad experience growing up and listening to tall, dead tales that warped their vision and happiness. Granted.  But keep one ear open, please, and an eye to possibilities; for the [...]

Life Is The Treasure

Tweet LIFE IS THE TREASURE When everything in the universe is showing us miracles, is showing the way, is waiting breathlessly, is bursting with spring leaves and stars, is reverberating with song, is imagining pent-up blessings for us all – we drag through the day, we see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing, we do not [...]

God’s Dinosaurs

Tweet The dinosaurs that once roamed and terrorized the Earth – did somebody plan them? Did God, sitting and pondering on his throne, envision them in his lordly plan? There were no thoughts of peace and brotherhood coursing through tyrannosaurus rex’s brain, only the ferocious gnashing of jaws and teeth, and insatiable hunger – a [...]

Joy Is Born Of The Struggle

Tweet What is the essence of life’s message? We have been looking in the wrong direction. The turmoil, the struggles, the pain  -  we bemoan these trials and yearn for a life free of suffering, another world beyond this veil of tears where flowers bloom endlessly, where we bathe in eternal bliss. So our religions [...]

The Holy Trinity & John Jones, 633 – 38th Street

Tweet So centuries ago, the big split occurred. In 325 A.D., the assembled bishops of the Church finally got it straight at the council of Nicaea. There had been folks around with screws loose claiming that Jesus was not co-eternal with God the Father – that God the Father was the main character, and Jesus [...]

Lend Brightness to a Darkened World

Tweet Poems are meant to be Read aloud.  Not mouthed in Quiet, or passed like a Shade through the channels Of the mind. Horns are made to be Heard; loud, blaring. Words come from out of The heart.  Their poignancy Can shift and cut through The deepest dark, Resurrecting hope, glory, New worlds. We are [...]

Maybe We Need A New Religion – Speaker Series

Tweet “Maybe We Need A New Religion”, the latest book by author James Hilgendorf, provides the basis for one of his continuing series of talks given to all kinds of interested groups around the United States. People are increasingly turning away from mainline religions, and the reasons are many.  Many people cannot believe anymore in [...]

Madhouse of the Universe

Tweet “We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.” These were the words of the great German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  They applied in his day, and they apply in our own time. Looking around the world today, it is indeed [...]

Life is an Inscrutable Master

Tweet Life is a riddle.  Nothing is as it seems. What is our great quest?  Love and sweetness and gentleness and ease and wealth, no struggle or pain. But all this leads nowhere. A hundred thousand dishes, wine and travels, endless days on the beach, over and over, and then they are gone.  What is  [...]