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March 2015

Free Ebook now thru April/Handbook for Youth in a Muddied Age

Tweet A free eb00k version of  “Handbook for Youth in a Muddied Age”, by author James Hilgendorf, will be offered online beginning today and continuing on through the month of April. A powerful source of encouragement and inspiration for the young and youthful-minded of all ages, “Handbook” includes short insightful writings from the author, as [...]

Chernobyl, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Bikini…

Tweet Chernobyl. Rusted, broken-down metal tanks set against a silent sky, beside polluted ponds.  No human in sight. Birds crest over the sullen landscape.  Wolves roam the waterways, scavenging for beavers. This is where man’s folly came into view, this desecrated land, still burning with fires never before seen by cavemen, a fierce, deadly furnace [...]

What is Happiness?

Tweet What is Happiness?  This is a question that many people ask. I find the following passage by Daisaku Ikeda very insightful: “What is the purpose of life? It is to become happy. Whatever country or society people live in, they all have the same deep desire: to become happy. 

Yet, there are few ideals [...]

The Miracle Is You

Tweet At the heart of the most pressing problem lies the key to turning everything around. When the problem will not go away, when it stares you unrelentingly in the face, when you think you cannot go on living even unless it changes, this is the turning point. But the problem will never change if [...]

A Hole in Our Heart

Tweet A young girl I met tonight.  Seemingly bright, inquisitive, quick to respond.  You would think: a lovely young girl. Yet we were talking in a small group later, and she began relating her inner life and feelings. She had been in a deep depression for over a year.  At times she would think of [...]

Sarah Wider/Transcendentalism & Interconnectedness

Tweet In 2014, Sarah Wider, Professor of English and Women’s Studies at Colgate University, and Daisaku Ikeda, founder and president of the Soka Gakkai International, published a dialogue titled “The Art of True Relations: Conversations on the poetic heart of human possibility“. Ms. Wider specializes in the American Renaissance, American women writers of the late [...]

America & the Gods of War & Gold

Tweet We have lavished our money and resources upon everything but the people. Wars, Afganistan, Irag, trillions of dollars, devastating our economy, destroying the future of our youth, enriching the coffers of munitions manufacturers, builders of atomic and hydrogen bombs, helicopters, tanks, automatic rifles, armored personnel carriers, we are in perpetual war, supported by a [...]

Stars & Suns & Who Are We?

Tweet The star Betelgeuse burns brightly, heading towards its death a million years from now – giant of a sun, broad as our solar system, dwarfing our own sun, red and glowering, filled with anger and hate, a monstrosity beyond our imagining, where we are nothing, the corridors and streets of our hometowns and small [...]

The Big Business of Education

Tweet Education is now big business, and academic institutions and banks are leading the way. I met a young woman recently, a student coming to the end of her four-year college career, and we talked about her dreams and what she wanted to do when she got out of school. As it turns out, her [...]

Whose Side Are You On, God?

Tweet In the Middle East, religious camps are locked in mortal combat. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity – all with a common root and ancestry in this trouble-torn region – are slugging it out to the death, breeding each day more violent strains within their ecclesiastical bodies. Each are flag bearers for their tribal God.  Each [...]